Reliable Custom made Industrial Gas Burner

Flame Right – Custom made industrial gas burners from GASSOL

Our mission is to create equipment and designs to meet our customers’ requirements.

As a gas engineering company we develop the industrial Gas burners, which are made “to measure”.

We design and develop custom made gas burners for various applications like vertical steam boilers, hot water generators, bitumen mix plants, etc. These duo block burners range from 580 kW to 12200 kW capacities.

Industrial Gas Burner
Gas burners custom made as per requirement

Why GASSOL for custom made burner?

Innovative design

The design allows you to make no modification on your equipment for mounting the gas burners.

Carefully chosen components

The components for the burners are carefully chosen from global manufacturers like Karl Dungs, Siemens, Honeywell etc., which ensure reliability.

Easy Access

The burners are designed for easy access to different devices to facilitate its maintenance or replacement of any components.

Customised Control Panel

The burners are controlled from external control panel which controls all the operations of the burner and also displays vital information.

Gas train for trouble free operation

Custom designed, Leak and function tested and safe gas train is supplied with gas burners.

Technical service and collaboration

Our success is based on a close collaboration and relationship with our clients by showing them how to handle our equipment and with a technical personal assistance.