Precise Gas Leak Detection System

Detect Right – Addressable Gas Leak Detection System from GASSOL

The Detect Right Gas Leak Detection System from GASSOL feature industrial-grade Gas leak sensors with an optional inbuilt Cylinder Auto Changeover facility.

The Gas leak sensors feature high accuracy, excellent durability and stability, quick response, and linear output.

These sensors can detect not only LPG and methane but also Hydrogen, thus making it an excellent solution for monitoring gas leakage from stationary fuel cell systems that transform combustible gases into Hydrogen.

Gas Leak Detection System
Gas Leak Detection System

The addressable control panel shows the exact location of the leak by identifying the sensor. We assign every sensor in the addressable gas leak detection system with a unique ID that is taken as a reference to identify the device location.

Why Detect Right gas leak detection system?

Sensors from the world leader in sensing innovation

Industrial grade Catalytic sensing element type from the world leader in sensing innovation.

Flame Proof enclosure for detector

Flameproof enclosure for sensors approved by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, a government of India department.

Wide detection range

The detection range of 0~100% LEL and alarm at customized levels as required.

Long life with high accuracy

Long-life for sensors up to 10 years. High precision, excellent durability, stability and quick response.

Reliable communication and automation

SMS alerts using GSM network when there is a leakage and also a provision of Automatic Shut-off of incoming gas flow through the main pipeline, in case of gas leak.

Addressable control panel

Microcontroller based, multi-channel addressable monitoring controller with 4.3″ TFT resistive touch colour display for alarm status and fault sign for the Gas detector.

Fiberglass Enclosure for control panel

Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester Non-corrosive, non- conductive, UV protected, Flame-retardant, Impact resistant, Chemical Resistant enclosure assembly with hinged window cover, and stainless-steel snap latch.