Highly Efficient Gas Train

Gas Train (Pressure Reducing Station), Pre Tested and ready to fit.

One of the most misunderstood portions of the commercial heating system is the gas train. It is a series of components that safely feed natural gas or LPG into the burner.

The Gas Train is a part of a combustion system, featuring the components that carry the fuel from the pipeline to the burner. The design must be considered taking in to consideration the requisites that guarantee the safety of people and equipment and the correct functioning of the system.

gas train
Gas Train with stand-by line

The gas train also called as pressure reducing station is a pre-piped train combining various safety and monitoring instruments like shut off valves, pressure regulators, relief valves, pressure switches, vent valves, pressure gauges etc. Pressure reducing station form an essential part of any industry using gases.

Gas train that assures trouble free operation in professionally built packages.

Pre-Piped and Pre-Tested

Leak and function tested prior to shipment for quality assurance. Pre-piped and pre-tested pressure reducing station is made to be as easy as Plug & Play. So customers can save time & effort by installing it.

Different needs, different approaches

Gas trains are used in different zones like in the primary gas bank area for primary reduction and at the burner for secondary reduction. The gas trains are also used in the regasification process.

Custom Design & Right configuration

Custom design as per combustion system. Requirement with gas flowmeter, valve proving system, gas flow control valve, prewired junction box. Components selected for best performance and minimum maintenance.

Safety First

Safely supplying pressurized fuel to industrial burners demands attention to detail, quality components and professional engineering. Our gas trains design comply with industry’ most rigorous demands