LPG Liquid Off Take System in accordance with latest IS 6044

LPG Liquid Off Take System

We design the LPG Liquid off take system to give LPG flow, which the gas burner requires, to maintain its optimum efficiency with all the safety requirements.

Liquid off take cylinders are introduced given the shortage of space and to reduce issues related to the handling of large no. of cylinders in case of high consumption customers. With Liquid Off-take, liquid LPG will be drawn from the LPG cylinder instead of conventional vapour, using a liquid off-take valve and flown to burners through a specially designed vaporiser which converts liquid LPG to vapour.

Liquid Off Take System
LPG liquid off take installation with LPG vaporizers manufactured by GASSOL

GASSOL LPG Liquid Off-Take installations – Compliant and Safe

LOT manifold

Liquid off take system manifold has been carefully designed as per IS 6044 published by Bureau of Indian Standards and tailor-made for trouble-free operation and fabricated and hydro tested in our in-house fabrication workshop.

Rightly chosen components

Fire-safe Ball Valve, Y Strainer, Excess Flow Check Valve, Sight Flow Indicator to shut off/protect/check the liquid LPG line are chosen carefully to suit the installation design.

Vaporizers manufactured in-house

You can choose between the heater less LPG vaporizer working on the principle of thermodynamics or a water bath vaporizer. We manufacture them in our fabrication shop approved by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, a government of India department.

Filter and Contaminant separator

LPG filtering device, and a contaminant separator designed by GASSOL is a trap with a borosilicate fiberglass filter restricts contaminants which might be present in LPG because of storage conditions and delivers clean LPG to the burner.

Pressure Reducing Station

Specially designed Pressure Reducing Station with pressure regulator and Over Pressure Shut-Off and optional Under Pressure Shut-off and Safety Relief Valve adds to LOT installation being the most compliant and safe LOT installation.

Swift turnaround time

Our LOT installations are designed to reduce on-site erecting, installation as most of the components are fabricated/assembled at the workshop.