Safe Plug & Use LOT LPG Installation

Flow Right mini – Plug & Use LOT LPG Installation from GASSOL

Flow Right Mini plug & use LOT LPG installation is ready to use system, consisting of Liquid Off take manifold, vaporizer and pressure regulating station mounted on a skid which reduces onsite erecting, installation and start-up time at the site.

This LOT LPG installation can be easily shifted from one place to another with no damage, wastage of components and time. This requires less footprint area compared to traditional liquid off-take installations.

LOT LPG Installation
Flow Right mini – plug & use LOT LPG (liquid off-take system)

Flow Right mini is an LPG LOT Installation designed by engineers and fabricated by skilled welders, fitters, in an in-house Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) approved fabrication workshop for the fabrication of vaporizer which ensures a high standard of quality, 100% leak-proof welding joints & excellent finishing.

Hydro, pneumatic & LPG firing test run is carried out at our fabrication shop itself to ensure smooth and immediate operation at the customers’ site.

mini in Price, max on Safety

LOT manifold

Liquid off take system manifold has been carefully designed as per IS 6044 Part 1 and tailor-made for trouble-free operation and fabricated and hydro tested in our in-house fabrication workshop.

Hose resistant to LPG

LPG hose meeting EN 1762 TYPE D Synthetic Rubber resistant to LPG with high tensile steel wire braided reinforcement, crimped with automatic hydraulic hose crimping machine at in-house facility.

Filtering Device

Filtering device designed to trap heavy hydrocarbons commonly present in LP Gas vapour and other materials that may be in the gas due to storage conditions and internal conditions of the equipment.

Pressure Regulating Station

Pressure-regulating station with adjustable pressure regulator and overpressure shut-off device for protecting pipeline from sudden pressure increase.

Auto water filling for vaporiser

PESO approved flameproof solenoid valve for water inlet with the auto operation to maintain water levels in the vaporiser.

Digital Temperature Control

PESO approved flameproof control panel with digital temperature controller with an RTD sensor to control the temperature in the vaporiser.

Reliable and Efficient Heaters

Specially designed heaters with Stainless Steel 304 double folded heater tube for increased efficiency and reliability of vaporiser.