Expert end-to-end solutions for Oil to Gas Fuel conversion

Oil to Gas Fuel conversion

If you are still using an outdated oil heating system, consider Oil to Gas Fuel conversion system for getting the best benefits out of your heating.

Although there are capital costs associated with oil to gas conversion, the long-term savings (and the benefits of gas) far outweigh the costs.

LPG is highly energy-efficient and safe to use. Save big on both fuel costs and maintenance costs of burners, ovens, and furnaces.

For gas conversion and system installations, technical knowledge, supremacy, and innovative ideas emerge as the prime requisites.

oil to gas fuel conversion
Hot water generator converted from diesel to LPG run with custom burner manufactured by GASSOL (Oil to Gas Fuel conversion)

LPG provides an essential benefit for industrial processes as it has a higher calorific value and hence burns ‘hotter’ than any liquid or solid fuel. Both fuels facilitate highly controllable temperatures, cleanliness (negligible Nox, SOx, and particulate matter emissions).

Why choose GASSOL for fuel conversion?

End-to-End Solutions

We offer end-to-end solutions – the gas bank, vaporizer, pressure regulating station, pipeline, gas leak detection system, auto changeover and various types of gas burners to suit the application. We deliver a complete gas system.

Specific solutions, targeted services

We know that every sector is different, which makes it imperative to choose specific solutions for each one of them.

Different approaches

A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for ensuring successful energy conversions. We can take care of diverse needs and offer specific solutions for different clients.

Swift turnaround time

We value your needs, and the financial resources used by you. Quick turnaround or a zero downtime be a unique highlight of our services.

Engineering expertise

Our design and engineering efficiency make us the right choice. We have a complete team working together to deliver industry-relevant solutions to clients. From conceptualising and designing to project deliveries, we extend professional support to clients.