The best-in-class Water Bath vaporizer

Vapo Right WB – The best-in-class water bath vaporizer from GASSOL

Our free-standing, self-contained units are pre-wired, pre-piped, and installation-ready water bath vaporizer for connection to your LPG, propane or butane liquid inlet supply, compatible electrical supply, and gas outlet.

The water bath vaporizer uses a water-based heat transfer medium for the heat source, and a heat exchanger for the LPG, propane, or butane liquid is immersed in facilitating heat transfer.

Vapo Rigt WB manufactured by GASSOL is approved by PESO and available in various capacities from 30 kg/hr to 100 kg/hr capacities in compact model and 100 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr in regular model.

water bath vaporizer
Water bath Vaporizer

Why Vapo Right WB Vaporizer?

Corrosion-free Water Tank and Coil

Corrosion-free SS 304 Water Container (optional) and SS 304 LPG Coil.

Sturdy body

Rigid mild steel outer shell instead of aluminium cladding.

Easy Maintenance

Easy and complete removal of LPG Coil for maintenance.

Reliable automation

Digital Temperature controller with RTD sensor for more reliability and accuracy with digital readouts.

Safety interlocking

Electronic water level sensor unit to indicate and cut off LPG supply and switch off the heater coils in case the water level goes below the required standard.

Compliant to standards

All electrical equipment enclosed in ATEX/PESO approved flameproof enclosures.

Efficient and reliable

Heaters with SS304 double folded heater tubes for increased efficiency and reliability.

Better insulation

Ceramic fibre insulation to minimise the heat loss.