Revolutionary Heaterless LPG vaporizer

Vapo Right HL – Revolutionary Heaterless LPG vaporizer

The heaterless LPG vaporizer does not use any external source of electrical power to supply heat. This vaporizer works on the thermodynamic properties of volatile liquids. The liquid LPG is flashed by throttling the flow through a pressure reducing valve, and the consequent drop of pressure causes chilling. Ambient water provides the source of heat to this chilled liquid LPG for vaporization in the heat exchanger. This heater less LPG vaporizer function satisfactorily at ambient temperatures as low as 4° C because of the inherent design features.

heaterless lpg vaporizer
The revolutionary Heaterless vaporizer

The complete process in the heaterless LPG vaporizer uses no significant source of electric power & only electric power is used to run the water pump, pumping ambient temperature water to the heater less LPG vaporizer. It draws this water from a large storage tank where the cold water comes from the heat exchanger and interacts with the chilled LPG. The storage tank’s capacity is designed so that the temperature drop in the storage tank is negligible.

Vapo Rigt HL heaterless LPG vaporizer manufactured by GASSOL is approved by PESO and available in various capacities from 150 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr capacities.

Why Vapo Right HL Vaporizers?

Shell and tube heat exchanger

Specially designed shell & tube heat exchanger as per TEMA standards. Seamless A 213 SS 304 tubing and A 106 Gr. B, SCH 40 Shell.

Built-in standby components for reliability

Standby liquid pressure reducing valve & solenoid valve for immediate use.

Safety interlocking

A pressure sensor in the water line for stopping LPG liquid flow with insufficient or no water flow.

Reliable automation

Digital Temperature controller with RTD sensor for more reliability and accuracy with digital readouts.

Clean fuel

Equipped with a contaminant separator to trap contaminants, which ensures that the fuel delivered to the burner is with no residues.

Compliant to standards

All electrical equipment enclosed in ATEX/PESO approved flameproof enclosures.