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gas solutions

LPG Bullet Installation

LPG can be relatively quickly deployed to its point of use without the need for pipeline infrastructure. For procuring large volume storage for LPG supplies, the bullet storage tank is the right choice.

LPG Liquid Off Take System

In Liquid Offtake, liquid LPG flows from the cylinder instead of conventional vapour, using a liquid off take valve. Then, vapour flows to burners after vaporised through a specially designed vaporiser.

Fuel conversion – oil to gas

LPG is highly energy-efficient and safe to use. Switching to LPG or natural gas as an industrial fuel can save big on both fuel costs and maintenance costs of burners, ovens, and furnaces.

Gas Train

Gas train is a pre-piped train with various safety and monitoring instruments like shut off valves, regulators, relief valves, pressure switches, pressure gauges, etc.

FBR high-tech Burners

We are authorised importers of FBR burners manufactured by F.B.R Bruciatori which manufactures various types of high-tech burners for industrial applications.

Gas Flow Meters

Gas flow volumetric meters are used when very accurate measurement is required. Electronic volume corrector are used for gas volume conversion